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Implementing Cisco HyperFlex

Technology Area: Data Center

Supported Exam: 700-905 CHXSE

What you’ll learn in this course?

You will learn:

  • how to deploy and use the Cisco® HyperFlex™ data platform to support multicloud workloads.
  • You will become familiar with:

  • HyperFlex components and learn
  • how to install, design, manage, and troubleshoot Cisco HyperFlex to support highly scalable and resilient multicloud implementations.
  • You will also gain:

  • Hands-on experience focused on:
    • installation
    • management
    • maintenance
    • native replication

    You will explore:

  • Cluster technologies as well as Cisco Intersight.™

Training Type & duration:

  • Instructor-led on line training:
    • Mon to Fri, 2 weeks ( 2 hrs daily )
    • Sat & Sun, 3 weeks ( 3 hrs daily)

How you’ll benefit?

This class will help you use Cisco HyperFlex to

  • Enable multicloud IT with an adaptive platform that powers any application anywhere with the simplicity of hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Gain hands-on experience using Cisco HyperFlex

Who should enrol?

  • Data Center engineers
  • Cisco integrators and partners


To fully benefit from this course, you should have the following knowledge:

  • Cisco CCNA level knowledge about data centre architecture and products technologies (network, compute, storage network)
  • Familiarity with VMware vCenter and ESXi
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Server 2016 and Hyper-V

Course Outline

  • Introducing Hyperconvergence and Cisco HyperFlex
    • Traditional Data Center Design
    • What Is Hyperconvergence?
    • What Is Cisco HyperFlex?
    • Cisco HyperFlex Primer
    • Evolution of Cisco HyperFlex
  • Describing Cisco UCS: The Foundation of Cisco HyperFlex
    • Cisco Server Deployment Models: Standalone Versus Managed
    • Cisco UCS Managed Model Benefits
    • Cisco UCS M5 Overview
    • Cisco UCS M5 Server Types ◦ Cisco Virtual Interface Cards (VICs) and Their Benefits
    • Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects
    • Cisco UCS Manager
  • Describing Cisco HyperFlex Hardware Components
    • Introducing Cisco HyperFlex Servers
    • Storage Technologies in Cisco HyperFlex
    • Storage Components of Cisco HyperFlex Converged Nodes
    • Non-Storage Components of Cisco HyperFlex Converged Nodes
    • Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects
    • Compute-Only Nodes
  • Installing and Expanding Standard ESXi Cisco HyperFlex
    • Installation Summary
    • Software Prerequisites
    • Hardware Prerequisites
    • Cisco HyperFlex Networking
    • Required Deployment Information
    • Installing Physical Components
    • Configure Upstream Switches
    • Prepare Fabric Interconnects
    • Deploy the Installer Virtual Machine (VM)
    • HyperFlex Installation
    • Post-Installation Script
    • Cluster Expansion
    • Additional Installation Options

Lab outline

  • Investigate Software Components of HyperFlex
  • Investigate Cisco UCS Parts of HyperFlex
  • Investigate VMware vSphere Parts of HyperFlex
  • Cisco HyperFlex Installation
  • Cisco HyperFlex Expansion
  • Cisco HyperFlex Replication, VM Migration and Failover
  • Manage Cisco HyperFlex
  • Protect Your HyperFlex VMs
  • Investigate Stretched Cluster
  • Install and Manage Stretched Cluster
  • Investigate Hyper-V Cluster
  • Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM)
  • Investigate Cisco Intersight
  • Investigate HyperFlex Edge
  • Operation with HyperFlex Plugin for vSphere

For Domestic Students (INR)

  • Hyperflex - INR 10000 (1 week) - Single Installment

For International Students (USD)

  • Hyperflex - USD 150

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